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The Benefits of Standing Desks and Why You Should Use One

The Benefits of Standing Desks and Why You Should Use One.


Introduction: The Modern Task Space and the Perils of Sitting at a Desk for 8 Hours a Day


People often spend most of their workdays sitting down. For those who work in an office, their computers and desks are the two major contact points with the space around them. This can lead to numerous health-related issues, such as sore neck and back, as well as blood clots that can cause strokes or heart attacks. Sitting for too long also leads to a lack of motivation and cognitive impairment.

So what can we do about it? One alternative is to take a 10-minute break every hour and stand up for at least five minutes during this time. This will help reduce the chances of getting any health problems mentioned before. Another option is to walk around during your lunch break. By promoting movement and exercise after periods of prolonged inactivity, you will also be able to increase your creativity and energy levels, as well as your overall happiness.


What is a Standing Desk? How Does it Work?


Standing desks, also called vertical desk or sit-stand desk, are becoming more popular in recent years. You can find them in offices, classrooms, even at home. Studies have shown that standing desks have many benefits for both your physical and mental health.

Standing desk is beneficial for your physical health in that it helps to improve circulation and reduce back pain. It also has the capability to help people who suffer from diabetes by lowering their blood sugar levels after they stand up after sitting down for a long period of time. Standing desk might be the perfect thing if you are pregnant because it relieves pressure on your lower back and pelvic area when you are carrying weight in front of you during pregnancy.

There are some challenges and limitations with the standing desk solution, but on the whole it is very beneficial for our physical and mental health. It improves circulation and reduces stress while also improving our mood and focus.


Conclusion: Does Working Standing Up Hurt Your Back?


Standing desks are becoming more and more popular as a way to improve overall health and productivity. It is thought that standing could lead to better blood circulation, less fatigue, and the potential for weight loss. These benefits make standing up an attractive choice for people who work at desk jobs.

You might be surprised how easy it is to transition from sitting to standing all day with the right workspace solutions.



By Dr.Arthit Hongvanit M.D. Orthopaedics.

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